A Detailed Review of Apple iPhone 10 and its Future in 2024

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Apple iPhone 10

Apple is clearly off to something really bold with the iPhone 10 – the design and capabilities have been enhanced.

You will get an edge-to-edge display, TrueDepth front camera, and FaceID for unlocking the device.

While there is quite a lot to get excited about this phone from Apple, things will become more clear as you play with the device.

In this blog, we will review the changes that the company has tried with the phone and whether they are a hit or miss.

Excited to learn?

Let’s dive in.

iPhone 10: Is the New Design a Sensation?

First of all, the design speaks volumes for itself as you lay the iPhone 10 side by side with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The phone is a bezel-less corner-to-corner screen device with no home button. 

Here is a decently sized 5.8-inch display that is one-hand-use friendly. Not only does the device play comfortably in your hands but it also easily slips into your pockets. 

Thanks to the fair size of the screen, you don’t have to stretch too much to tap the buttons at the edges.

The iPhone X (also known as iPhone 10 since its release marked the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone) is shorter and narrower than the iPhone 8 Plus and is almost the same size as the latter. 

Courtesy of the stainless steel casing, the phone looks gorgeous and solid. You will have a more polished device compared to the aluminium-framed models that were released before. 

The back is compatible with wireless charging because of the glass back which makes it a very attractive gadget for most users. 

You will find an enlarged Power button on the right which you can find and activate easily by feel. 

iPhone 10: FaceID is Finally Here

Comes in a new way to enter inside your device – the FaceID is the new TouchID kicker. A new era has begun and you can now unlock your phone with this facial recognition system.

But first, you have to register your face with the front-facing TrueDepth camera. You need to tilt your face multiple times before the system recognizes your face and registers it based on different angles.

This is a pretty reliable way to unlock your iPhone 7 but bear in mind that you have to spend some time beforehand to get the phone save your face in the records and get ready to authorize the phone’s access from onwards.

iPhone 10: What It’s Like Without a Home Button?

The iPhone 10 or iPhone X, as it is most commonly known, brings a new interface which is simple yet hard to go with, at the start, at least. For years, we have been used to tapping the bottom Home button when we wanted to exit an application or double-tapping when we wanted to see all the open apps.

Now, you can swipe up to exit an application or swipe up and hold to reveal which apps are open in the background. Yes, it is not so difficult in the iPhone 10 but it will take some time to become friends with the change.

If you want to close any app within this menu, you have to press and hold to reveal the Delete buttons. This extra step has been added to avoid quitting apps accidentally. 

In case you want to see shortcuts for a select few apps in the main menu, you can simply swipe down to activate Control Center. Traditionally, you would swipe up to see the apps like WiFi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, etc. 

iPhone 10: The Best OLED Display?

The 5.8-inch OLED panel looks beautiful but the fact is that it is not perfect yet. While watching the Wonder Woman trailer on the iPhone 10 and Galaxy Note 8, the brilliant colours on the latter’s screen are quite visible. 

The iPhone 10’s screen delivers better results when compared with the Pixel 2 and Note 8. You will get better images and viewing angles. Also, thanks to the Super Retina display, you will get more contrasts on the iPhone X when showing contrasting colours.

Interestingly, you will get a lesser screen area than the iPhone 8 Plus – which offers a smaller 5.5-inch front panel. The reason is that the iPhone 10 offers a narrower aspect ratio.

iPhone 10: The Cameras Inside Out

The cameras are improved because of some nice upgrades to the hardware. The telephoto lens has a wider aperture. This will bring more details in zoomed photographs when you are touring the city. You will simply love the colours of the objects around your main subject.

The 7 MP TrueDepth camera is a brilliant hardware the iPhone 10 brings forward. You can use this front camera for taking impressive Portrait mode clicks when moving around in the parks or having fun along the beach. If you want to, you can use the Portrait Lighting effects to make these images better-looking.

Another amazing feature is the blurring out of the background when you take selfies. By adding a Contour filter, you can have a completely different picture of yourself.

Honestly speaking, you will appreciate the natural-looking portrait pictures especially when you compare them with some other device like the Pixel 2. The bokeh effect looks very close to being natural.  

When taking photos in low-light environments, the Pixel 2 wins the battle against the iPhone 10 (Apple iPhone X). The photos look brighter and clearer with the Pixel 2.

iPhone 10: Performance and Battery Life

The iPhone 10 (also known as the Apple iPhone X) is among the fastest phones ever and it joins the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus phones. It carries the powerful A11 Bionic chip which hits impressive milestones both in terms of tests and performance benchmarks.

When rendering a 2-minute 4K video with Adobe Clips, it took only 42 seconds in a test. The iPhone 8 Plus took the same time while the Pixel 2 completed the same task in 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

The iPhone X’s battery life is great but not exceptional. The battery lasted 10 hours and 49 minutes which is almost an hour above the average in the category.


The Apple iPhone 10 represents a very interesting phone which has been revamped by Apple. FaceID is a reliable and secure way to restrict access to your device against unauthorised access. You will get a big enough screen that you can comfortably use with a single hand. Also, the dual-camera system at the rear is beefed up to deliver some amazing-looking portrait shots anywhere, any time. 

The Animoji feature is fun to use with the front TrueDepth camera.

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