Fold and Ride: Addmotor’s Folding Electric Bikes for Convenient Commuting

Richard Herman

Addmotor's Folding Electric Bikes

The daily commute is a necessary evil for many, as they have to deal with traffic jams, crowded public transport, and the ever-present battle for that hard-to-find parking spot. 

Thus, commuting in today’s fast-paced world demands a blend of efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. Addmotor’s folding electric bikes perfectly align with these needs, offering a unique combination of convenience and performance.

As urban areas become increasingly congested and individuals seek faster and more convenient transportation alternatives, folding electric bikes has emerged as a significant advancement. 

So, today, in this guide, we will explore Addmotor’s standout folding electric bike models and why they are the perfect solution for convenient commuting.

Addmotor's Folding Electric Bikes

Addmotor’s Folding Electric Bikes for Convenient Commuting

Addmotor is a leading manufacturer of high-quality electric bikes, and their folding models are perfect for conquering your daily commute. Let’s take a closer look at two of its most popular offerings:

1. The Foldtan M-140: Your All-Terrain Commuter

The Foldtan M-140 is a versatile folding electric bike designed for adventurous riders like you. Its robust construction, coupled with advanced features, ensures a smooth and reliable ride.

The best part, if you live in an apartment with limited space and need a bike you can take on the go, this foldable electric bike is for you. 

Simply pull the lock from the middle frame and fold the bike down to a compact 44″L x 21″W x 29″H dimension. Weighing just 73 lbs, including the battery, it’s remarkably lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it incredibly convenient to store in your home, office, or even carry on public transport. 

Being a lightweight and foldable e-bike, it doesn’t compromise on performance. Featured with a 750W Brushless rear hub motor and a powerful 48V 20AH lithium battery, this electric bike offers an impressive range of 100+ miles on a single charge. This means you can cover more ground faster and without the need for frequent charging.

Besides, the M-140 prioritizes comfort with its step-through frame design, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting. The preload-adjustable front fork absorbs bumps and road imperfections, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain.

2. The Foldtan M-160: Ultimate Convenience

The Foldtan M-160 takes convenience to the next level, making it the perfect choice for urban commuters. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, this vibrant e-bike is a breeze to carry and maneuver through busy city streets.

When fully extended, it measures 71.3″L x 47.6″H, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The true magic of the Foldtan M-160 lies in its folding capability. In just seconds, you can fold it down to a dimension of 34.1″L x 20.9″W x 28.3″H, which is half its size. This makes it perfect for those who need an electric bike that fits seamlessly into a busy, mobile lifestyle, fitting it in your RV, van, or motorhome.

Despite its compact size, the M-160 provides ample power to navigate city streets, bike paths, and even light off-road trails. Plus, the M-160 prioritizes comfort with its ergonomic design. The wide handlebars and plush saddle ensure a comfortable riding posture, even on longer commutes.

Experience the perfect blend of convenience, power, and comfort with the Foldtan M-160, the ultimate choice for commuters.

Addmotor's Folding Electric Bikes

Why Choose Addmotor’s Foldable Electric Bike?

  • Space Efficiency: Traditional bicycles require dedicated storage space, which can be a luxury in small apartments or urban environments. Addmotor’s folding e-bikes, on the other hand, can be effortlessly collapsed, allowing for easy storage in your home, office, or under a desk, or even carried on public transport.
  • Portability: With a foldable e-bike, you don’t have to carry your folding electric bike up flights of stairs or struggle to get it through crowded streets. They are incredibly lightweight, making it a breeze to carry alongside you on errands, commutes, or even leisure trips. This level of portability opens up a range of commuting options that are not possible with standard bikes. For instance, you can ride to the nearest train station, fold your bike, and continue your journey by train, seamlessly integrating different modes of transport.
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Beat the traffic jams and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. E-bikes provide a much faster and more efficient commute than walking or traditional cycling. The electric 750W brushless rear hub motor of both these ebikes offers optimum cruising speeds, making even uphill climbs effortless without breaking a sweat.
  • Versatility in Commuting: Both the Foldtan M-140 and M-160 feature 20” x 4.0” wide fat tires that provide excellent traction and stability on various terrains. Whether you’re cruising on city streets, tackling gravel paths, or exploring light off-road adventures, these bikes can handle it all. This versatility ensures you can ride confidently and comfortably, no matter the surface.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Folding e-bikes open up cycling to people of all ages and physical abilities. The electric assist removes the physical strain of traditional cycling and makes cycling more manageable for those who might find traditional bikes challenging due to health conditions or lack of fitness. This inclusivity ensures that more people can enjoy the benefits of cycling.
  • Sustainability: In the face of growing environmental concerns, sustainable transportation options are more important than ever. Folding electric bikes offer a green alternative to cars and motorcycles, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to cleaner air in urban areas.
  • Cost Saving: Foldable electric bikes can lead to significant cost savings. With lower maintenance costs compared to cars and no need for fuel, these bikes are economical in the long run. Additionally, they eliminate the need for parking fees and reduce reliance on public transportation, further saving money.
  • Advanced Safety: Addmotor prioritizes safety with its e-bikes. Both models feature bright LED headlights and taillights, ensuring excellent visibility during low-light conditions. Superior brakes provide excellent stopping power in all weather conditions, and full-cover fenders protect you from road debris and splashes.
Addmotor's Folding Electric Bikes


Both the Foldtan M-140 and M-160 electric bikes offer compelling features for conquering your daily commute. They exemplify the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation, providing riders with powerful, reliable, and versatile options. 

Whether you are navigating busy city streets or exploring new routes, these bikes offer an unparalleled commuting experience.

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