Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Tiles Like a Pro

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Being stain absorbent, tile and grout must be cleaned regularly to prevent them from looking dirty. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes while cleaning tiles like using ammonia and bleach based cleaners. These enriched chemical based solutions can cause your tiles to lose their shine and quality. Therefore, it is mandatory to provide your residential and commercial properties with tile cleaning Perth services like a professional to make them dirt, grout haze, mineral deposits, and grime free. You must use the cleaning equipment and procedures correctly to make your tiles free from any kind of dirt and debris. While cleaning your tiles, you must avoid the following mistakes which are discussed below. Continue reading!

Leading Mistakes to Avoid when Cleaning Tiles

To remove the calcium deposits and other dirty elements from the tile without compromising the quality, you must prevent the following mistakes. Check them out!

Using Colored Cleaning Solutions

Many people use colorful cleaning solutions to make their tiles look attractive and modern. But, it is a bad way to deal with your tiles. After some time, these color cleaning solutions can leave residues on the tiles making them look stained and discolored. Preventing such surprises is easy if you prefer to use neutral or transparent cleaning products instead of colored ones. Before the cleaning procedure begins, make sure to perform pre stain test. It helps you pick an accurate cleaning solution for tiles.

Scrubbing Too Hard

Many people consider scrubbing too hard on the tiles can easily remove the dirt. Unfortunately, that’s not true. You can cause abrasive scratches, and make your tiles dull. If you want to scrub the dirt off the tiles, you can go for microfiber cloth and sponges to clean the tiles gently. These two materials help eliminate hard and old stains from the tiles. You can go for an old toothbrush to clean the grouts thoroughly. Gentle scrubbing helps maintain the overall quality of the tiles and grout.

Ignoring the Spills

The longer the spills stay on the tiles and grout, it can ruin their original quality. If any type of liquid or material falls on your floor, it is necessary to clean it with mop and biodegradable solutions on the spot. Otherwise, the spills can lead your tiles to stain and discoloration. If you have no idea how to clean the stains, instead of messing up, you should hire professional tile cleaning Bentley services. The cleaners have great expertise in removing all types of stains using quality and chemical free cleaning solutions.

Over Wetting Tiles

Overwetting tiles is another common mistake many people make in an attempt to clean the dirty tiles. With this mistake, you can easily lose the shine of tiles and lead them to discoloration. Sometimes old and hard to remove molds are present on the tiles. To clean all these molds, you must go for reliable cleaning solutions. Cleaning with biodegradable solutions and mopping helps maintain the glossy, and clean outlook of your tiles.

Ignoring Manufacturer Suggestions

Many people avoid the recommendations of the manufacturers and follow their own ways to clean the tiles. Therefore, it is imperative to follow all the suggestions of the manufacturer to make the tiles of the residential and commercial areas dirt free. Otherwise, your own cleaning ways can lead to trouble like hard stains and discoloration of tiles. It is important to follow all the instructions of the manufacturers in cleaning treatment if you want to enhance the longevity of the tiles.

Final Remarks!

To conclude, you must avoid all the above mentioned mistakes if you want to maintain the quality of your tiles. While cleaning the tiles, you must take note of preventing over scrubbing, overwetting, and utilizing too harsh chemicals. If you cannot perform the cleaning treatment correctly, you must hire professionals to clean every corner of your tile. Hope this information proves beneficial for you!

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