Help for Treatment of OCD and Obsessions

Richard Herman


Living with OCD is a disconcerting and distressing experience but it has a solution, we can help you overcome it and get rid of all the discomfort that is associated with it.

If in the eyes of others, your continuous manias are incomprehensible or you don’t understand why you can’t just stop doing your rituals. Consult Greatest Moments.

Many sufferers remain slaves to their oddities, manias, repetitive behaviors, and fixed ideas for an average of 7.5 years before asking for professional help and this happens because they feel ashamed to tell what is happening to them. Waiting is only prolonging suffering that fortunately can be eliminated.

There are different techniques to address OCD and with our practical and simple approach we can ensure that with adequate collaboration from the client, improvement is assured.

There is indeed great individual variability between cases but through an individualized study, we adapt the treatment to the needs and peculiar characteristics of each case.

You deserve to change and you will be able to overcome it with Greatest Moment’s help. Dare to experiment for a few weeks and you will see the result.

We offer you a free, no-obligation first orientation consultation in which you can meet your therapist, explain the reason for your consultation, and resolve your doubts.

Home Treatment And Therapeutic Support For Exposure

For all our patients we offer therapeutic support for exposure at home.

It is surprising that despite the number of people suffering from the disorder, the majority of those affected do not receive psychological or psychiatric therapy. Statistics indicate that on average it takes a person 7 years to seek help for their OCD.

There are families in which, despite having a member with OCD, only one person knows it, and couples who, despite having been together for years, do not know that their partner has OCD. Those who suffer from OCD find it very difficult to tell others about their problem, much less to a stranger, even if they are a mental health professional.

It is common that before going to a psychologist, many people go to relaxation classes, yoga, meditation, reiki, various courses on positive thinking or personal growth, and search the internet for all kinds of psychology pages and forums… In short, many attempts at solutions instead of going directly to a specialized professional such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The bad thing about this is that the affected person believes that he is trying to solve the problem and that he is not successful in the attempt, this is not true, the reality is that he is looking for help in the wrong places and what he is doing is wasting time and continuing suffering unnecessarily. But all this takes a toll on his motivation and his hope, leading him to believe that there is no solution.

If there is, it is possible to free yourself from OCD, what happens is that the solution is not what we would like. The solution is to look for a good professional Greatest Moments, with experience in OCD, and work on our motivation and attitude to be able to carry out the therapy, not to give up when things get difficult, to give ourselves time for changes to occur, to make changes in our lives and free ourselves from our fears to live and enjoy fully.

Fear paralyzes us, limits us, and ends up controlling our lives. Psychologists know how to free ourselves and how we can face it, where to look for the necessary motivation, how to reinforce ourselves to strengthen ourselves…

But all of this involves allowing ourselves to be advised by someone who knows and can do it. Stop wasting time on forums, on courses, on asking the same thing on different sites; seek Greatest Moments professional help and the appropriate professionals are psychologists and psychiatrists.

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