Helping Hoarders Clean with Professional Clutter Cleanup Services

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Clutter and hoarding are entirely two different things. Clutter, for instance, is mere disorganization. It may be a terrible sight to behold depending on how long it’s been unattended. However, the same is not true for hoarding.

Hoarding is a mental health disorder that does not have a single source of origin. For some, it is a result of ADHD, and OCD while for others it may be due to a less-than-satisfactory childhood. Whatever the causes may be, the impact is debilitating.

Hoarders eventually lose friends, family, social life, and their confidence as their hoarding continues. Moreover, this is not always an intentional thing. As it is, they require professional and holistic help.

Hoarders may find relief with CBT or DBT therapy with an expert. At the same time, it is best to have clutter cleanup services to handle the mess. Cleaning a hoarder’s home is not only tricky but also an unsafe endeavor.

At any rate, we’re not here to reiterate this old news. Rather, we’re here to aid you in your attempt at helping hoarders clean. Clutter and hoarding help should be free of judgment. The aim is to help them clean their surroundings while aiding their mental health.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at how you can help hoarders.


An Understanding Mind

The first and most important thing in such cases is to empathize with them. While it is easy to place blame, it is equally necessary to understand that situations can get ahead of people. So if you’re helping hoarders clean, you should understand what they’re going through.

Many hoarders also find it difficult to get rid of their things. The entire process may be mentally taxing for them. On top of that, they highly likely feel a lot of shame at their situation. It is necessary to keep judgment at bay if you truly intend to help them.

Lastly, it is equally important to consider a step-by-step approach. Cleaning everything at once, especially if you aren’t a professional may not be the right thing to do. Helping them begins with having the right conversations. Let us explore what this looks like.

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Gentle Language and Respect

You can only help people who realize they need the help. Insisting on helping hoarders clean is not going to help anybody. On the contrary, they may become defensive and reject any offer of help. To avoid this, be respectful when you speak to them.

Keep in mind that their possessions are valuable to them so avoid referring to them as junk or waste. Gently try to help them see what situation they are in. Offer your help on their terms. When they are ready, refer them to clutter cleanup services.

Make sure they get mental health help to ensure they won’t revert to their hoarding habits. Some may need lifelong therapy to keep away from hoarding. This is especially true for people with trauma or those dealing with grief or loss.

Baby Steps

Don’t offer to clean the entirety of their home. Instead, focusing on making more areas livable. For instance, clean some additional space in their bedroom or living room. Help them get their kitchen or bathroom back in order.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you will need professional help at some point. Some hoarding situations can be bad enough to cause injuries to those attempting to clean. Remember, those stacked-up books or cardboard are not necessarily lightweight.

As you help them, encourage them to dispose of items they’re willing to let go. Respect their wishes if they want to keep some of their items.

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Clutter and Hoarding Help

Once they begin their therapy and are open to more help, encourage them to seek a professional. Professional clutter clean-up services are aware of hoarders and their mindset. As such, they ensure that they clean the house and get rid of items without upsetting them.

Moreover, they have additional tools to safely keep themselves during the cleaning. Likewise, they receive training in how to handle different types of items during the cleanup. They’ll ensure what is recyclable is preserved and will ensure not to dispose of any necessary possessions.

These experts will also keep in touch with hoarders. This allows them to speak to them regarding the items when necessary.

Besides these, they often offer other services or will connect the hoarder to get the right type of help. Many of these companies are associated with or work in tandem with mental health professionals and interveners.


Allow Them a Break

Most importantly, you should always remember that getting rid of their items is not an easy task for them. Cleaning up their home and giving up the possessions they collected over the years can be overwhelming.

You should allow them and encourage them to take respite from the task. This gives them a sense of control and keeps the feeling of loss at bay. Clutter and hoarding help does not mean you don’t stop until you drop.

Rather, the break will encourage them to understand that they’re moving towards a healthier life goal. And on the plus side, they will come back much refreshed after their back. They’ll have the time to put things into perspective and get back on at a faster pace.


Clutter and hoarding help is more about understanding their situation and encouraging them to seek help. While you may be willing to put yourself into cleaning their home, that is not the ideal way to make a change. Rather, be patient and respectful and gently push them towards a professional.

To learn more about professional hoarding help, get in touch with LifeCycle Transitions. We’re changing lives, one home at a time.


How do you help a hoarder?

The best way to help a hoarder is to encourage them to go to a professional. They require mental health help in addition to cleanup help.

Is hoarding cleanup difficult?

Hoarding cleanup can be difficult and dangerous as well. There’s always a risk of injuries, poor air quality, and more. It is best to work with professional clutter and hoarding help.

Is hoarding a mental health issue?

Hoarding is a mental health issue known as hoarding disorder. A mental health provider with expertise in hoarding disorder or OCD can help.

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