Manage your Kitchen Space with Beautiful Cabinet Design In Lahore

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The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the house where creativity overflows. It is often the make or break of a pleasing and ordinary house. How your architect designs your kitchen will determine whether your home will look as pretty as a picture or just another house on the row.

This can be said for the homes in DHA Lahore, the poshest area in the city. This challenges the architect in DHA Lahore to design something unique and charming that complements the location. I have been an architect in this beautiful city of Lahore for the past 11 years and have seen the transformation of Lahore’s architectural landscape. I will tell you the five kitchen cabinet designs that make your house the most adored on the block.

Here are the five cabinet designs that you can explore:

The one-wall kitchen

This is the perfect kitchen style for someone who likes things neat and neat. The one-wall kitchen has all things on one wall, from your stove to the pantry and sink. This allows the kitchen to house other items, such as a dining table. It is a perfect design for a small house or studio apartment, so you can use the space for different things.

The L-shaped kitchen

A variation of the one-wall kitchen design but with one side having the sink or pantry. If you are a fan of “Friends,” Monica’s kitchen was L-shaped. This kitchen style is mainly used for small spaces where you want the kitchen to be welcoming. Usually, the dining table is in the kitchen. It is not unconventional, but the frequency of such kitchens is small in a city like Lahore, where food prep has a very distinct place in the house.

The Island Kitchen

The most modern kitchen design is an island kitchen. In this style, a stone island is in the middle of the kitchen where the stove, sink and other things are housed, but the pantry remains with the main wall. This is a clean kitchen design and allows more space use. This also separates the cooking part of the kitchen from the storage part. This is perfect for large houses with ample space to accommodate a large stone slab in the middle of the kitchen.

The U-shaped kitchen

The most conventional kitchen in the house. This is a kitchen where everything is connected in one single row. You have one side dedicated to cooking coupled with the sink and then the pantry. This kitchen style is found in houses where the kitchen is separate from the main house. Since it is one continuous design, the kitchen often looks messy and cluttered. However, management is easy, and everything is in your approach.

The Galley Kitchen

This unconventional kitchen is not becoming popular among the architects of DHA Lahore. The kitchen was initially designed for commercial kitchens where both sides have a stove, and the space between the two counters is small, giving the feel of a galley. You can install this design if you are a cooking enthusiast and want everything in approach and multitasking with things.

Whichever kitchen design you choose, the kitchen should reflect your personality. In Pakistani culture, the kitchen is the most essential part of the house, where many things go on. The type of kitchen design depends on your space and whether you want things to be in approach. Also, with the rise of the internet, some ingenious kitchen gadgets are getting a lot of attention. Your kitchen design will determine whether you can take advantage of these clever inventions and whether you have the space to accommodate changes. Consult your kitchen designer in DHA Lahore, like the H-A Design Studio, for a free kitchen design consultation today.

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