Printblur Shares TOP 10 Most Profitable Print-on-Demand Niches To Skyrocket Your Business This Year

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Check out the 10 most profitable print-on-demand niches to skyrocket your business growth. Find your low-competition niche and research niche tools.

This article is infused with the most lucrative print-on-demand niches that are expected to get your number rising in the second half year of 2024, according to Printblur – a global marketplace for sellers and customers to shop custom-made products.

These evergreen niches for print-on-demand are expected to inspire you to grow your sustainable business scale, whether you are, an independent artist or startup.

Watch out and get ready to skyrocket your business quickly with our recommended profitable print-on-demand niches!

1.    Animal & pets


Pet niches for print-on-demand business

Let’s consider the animal and pets niche if you want to thrive your print-on-demand business with an evergreen niche but still reach your expected revenue. You’ll find numerous inspirations related to pet topics from allowing customers to add their pets’ photo on specific products like t-shirts, memorial stones for those who are experiencing loss of pets, or final saying to death pets on mugs, flags, and so on.

Animal-themed tee shirts are also great gift ideas for animal lovers on special occasions.

2.    Funny emoji and memes

Humor emoji or trending memes are also worth considering that you’ll earn money for print-on-demand business. Let’s find something humorous, it can be a punchline, joke, trending quotes from a favorite movie, games, or from viral videos. These ideas can become major inspirations for unique designs to print on different products from posters, tees, hats, to mugs.

Young customers are inclined to shop for cool trend-driven products. So take advantage of this taste and elevate your design to be unique, they love to be the first person to set the trend!

It is also important to keep in mind that  your designs are not infringing on copyright or other intellectual property rights.

3.    Family topic

There is no doubt to say that Family and couple topics is one of the most profitable print-on-demand niches. This is an awesome idea to find custom gifts for your beloved ones in your family on important occasions such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, or anniversaries.

There are different customizable family-themed products that you can sell, which allows customers to add their lovely message, memorial photos or anything else on custom photo prints, apparel, accessories like phone cases, keychains, necklaces, shoes, and much more.

By focusing on the Family or couple niche for print-on-demand services, you’ll see a significant revenue surge during the next special events in the second half of the year like Halloween and Christmas if you’re going the right way.

4.    Food & Drinks


Food themed T-Shirts

You can score a bundle of orders by offering personalized products that feature food and drinks topics on custom-made products. This is  a large topic to generate your ideas for designs because most everyone loves food and drinks.

Here are the tips for this profitable niche on your print-on-demand products. Featuring local cuisines or drink trends to print on your key custom-made products. This idea may evoke the sense of pride in the culture’s food where they live or where they travel. There are diverse sub-niche for food and drinks such as healthy food, veganism, coffee lovers, craft beer enthusiasts, and dietary preferences to drive your sales drastically in print-on-demand.

You can find new ideas with Printblur’s food-themed t-shirts that are inspired by thousands of independent artists around the world.

5.    Video game

The gaming industry is inevitably huge and growing. Unique gaming-themed designs are really lucrative to make money if you’re targeting a passionate and dedicated fanbase in this niche. Popular games, iconic quotes, game logos or influential characters in gaming are great ideas for printing on t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mouse pads, and posters. You needn’t wait for special occasions to increase sales, these designs can help you make profit throughout the year as long as you have a holistic marketing strategy for your niche.

6.    Pop Culture

Pop Culture topic is also a key print-on-demand niche that may improve your sales conversions and revenues. Pop culture is evolving constantly, which offers fresh ideas and inspirations for you to embrace and work on your designs for selling. Any one-of-a-kind custom products should appeal to fans of movies, series, TV shows, celebrities, and trends. Pop Culture niche can be printed on various custom products from posters, stickers, tote bags, blanket, hats, to apparel items.

7.    Travel


Travel niche for print-on-demand business

Travel niche is expected to boom and become one of the most lucrative print-on-demand niches in 2024. thuy. From backpackers to luxury travels, create memorable moments on designs to increase a sense of wonder in customer’s travel or outdoor activities. It will be ideal to print travel-themed designs on drinkware, travel bags, caps, shoes or tee shirts that are must-have items in a travel’s checklist.

Generate your creativity from outdoor enthusiasts such as camping, trekking, hiking, or fishing, which are low-competition print-on-demand niches to strive to designs on customizable products.

8.    Culture Styles

There are many culture styles roaring back to set the trend every year, which features their unique symbols, patterns, style. Take Y2K or Grunge style as an example. By taking advantage of your creativity and the trend, you may create unique Y2K crop tops, t-shirts, or grunge styles that fashion lovers are looking for to refresh their style and stay on the top trends.

The Cultural niche is also applicable to designs for printing home & living products like pillows, canvas prints, and more. 

9.    Countries


Country niche for print-on-demand business – Miami maps t-shirt

In recent years, people love to wear and shop for custom products that show the name or image of their home country or a place that travelers visit. These products motivate people to show their pride in their home country and are an awesome idea for travelers to remind them of the places where they set foot in the past. It is expected that this evergreen print-on-demand niche is potential for print-on-demand businesses to increase their sales online in 2024.

In this niche, the design can represent the country maps, national emblems, famous destinations, iconic symbols, or national flags.

10. Activism and social niches

Last but not least, activism should be also listed to be one of lucrative niches for your consideration  if you’re selling customizable products this year. Social trend waves like autism awareness, human rights, environmental issues, or animal welfare are great inspirations for your to create winning artworks. It’ll be better to find specific topics with broad attractions to people worldwide. Activism-themed can be printed on apparel or accessories because people tend to express their beliefs or concerns with noticeable items.

How to Find Low Competition Print-on-Demand Niches

Finding low competition niches is crucial for standing out in the crowded print-on-demand market, especially if you’re looking to start your business on personalization products.

The following tips will help you find it easier to identity profitable yet less competitive niches when you don’t have competitive advantage:

Utilize best print-on-demand niche research tools: Google Trends, Keyword Planner, or Ahrefs are excellent tools that help you to identify niche keywords with a decent search volume but lower competition. Take your time to work on these niche research tools at the first steps when you start offering lucrative print-on-demand products that maximize your sales.

Find your niche communities: Joining forums, social media groups, and online communities that match your interests will keep you engaged with emerging trends, viral topics. Then you can generate new ideas for custom products in a specific niche with low competition rate.

Analyze your competitors to find a low competition niche for your print-on-demand business: Never look down on your print-on-demand competitors, especially when you start the business. A thorough look at existing competitors to identify niches that are underrepresented or designs are outdated or low conversion rates.

Narrow down your niches: It may be challenging for you to look for broad niches that are low competition. Let’s find a smaller niche instead. Take the Pets niche as an example. Instead of targeting Pets, focus on sub-niches such as “chihuahua dogs” or “Pitbull dog” to elevate inspirations related to the niche and create unique designs.

Stay connected on Social Media Channels: Instagram, X, Tik Tok, and Pinterest are awesome sources for you to explore low-competition niches but potential for print-on-demand business. Don’t forget to follow influencers and hashtags to spot your niche trends. You can have a chance to set trends with unique designs in your niche, which drive conversation successfully as a result.

Check Customer Reviews: Authentic reviews on your niche-related products will give you a better understanding of customers preferences and help you narrow down a good niche for selling.

By combining these strategies for finding low competition print-on-demand niches, you can uncover potential niches that have high potential for profitability in your business.

Why to Sell Your Print-on-Demand Products on

Printblur is an ideal global e-commerce platform for selling your print-on-demand products, offering numerous advantages that make it a standout choice. There are no costs for listing products, ensuring you can start without any initial investment. The commission rate is clear and straightforward, allowing you to understand your earnings easily. Setting up your store is simple and customizable, thanks to the intuitive tools provided.

With thousands of independent artists already part of the Printblur community, you’ll be joining a thriving and creative environment. Additionally, Printblur partners with trusted print suppliers and handles global shipping, ensuring high-quality products reach customers worldwide. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, provides the perfect platform for your print-on-demand business. is worth your consideration in the next step to start gaining your competitive advantage after you determine your niche for print-on-demand products.

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