Stuttering Treatment Activity Guide

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Do you know that over 3 million Americans have stuttering issues? Children or adults who stutter face difficulty in maintaining a consistent flow of speech. Sometimes, lip tremors and rapid eye blinks accompany speech disruptions. Stammering developed during childhood may recover naturally when the children are about 7 years old. However, in some cases, neurological and biological issues can lead to stuttering. So, you can look for professionals providing stuttering speech therapy. Therapists apply different techniques to reduce stammering issues. But, there are some fun activities, which allow you to treat stuttering symptoms.

What are the different goals of stuttering speech therapy activities?

  • Developing a strong basis for the therapy and allowing kids to be prepared for any alteration to the speech
  • Training children to minimize struggle and physical tension during stuttering activities and reduce fears of stammering
  • Helping kids learn the way to manage tension and timing of speech production.
  • Treating the stammering symptoms to help children communicate effectively and freely

Simple activities to treat stuttering

No matter what therapeutic activities you choose, educating yourself about fluency therapy is important. For instance, you must learn about the facts and myths about stuttering. Identify the body parts essential for speech and figure out the signs of fluency issues. In case of preschoolers, parents and caregivers should learn about the strategies effective for home remedies for stuttering.

Parents can also go online to search- stuttering therapy near me. They can depend on professional therapists for the desired treatment.

1. Jaw technique

Jaw movement is the best exercise for stuttering speech treatment. Ask your kids to open their mouths wide without causing discomfort. Their tongue needs to be rubbed backward on the top of the mouth. Let the children move their tongues in different directions. Make sure your child does not feel pain, as it will be counterintuitive to the treatment.

2. Pausing

It is another effective way to treat the speech flow issues of children. The therapist will ask your children to utter a sentence loudly. But, they should pause after particular words in the sentence. It means they must not pause in the middle of a certain word. So, this technique reduces stuttering problems in your children. 

3. Vowel therapy

Your kids should pronounce the vowels accurately and loudly. This activity is highly effective in reducing stammering problems. Your children will also be easily accustomed to the therapy.

4. Play games

Some simple card and board games allow your children to reach their goals. Some games need to be played by asking questions. Every member of a group has to say a particular sound at least 5 times. It can also be the name of different items of a certain category.

5. Reading passages

If you want to target literacy skills and stuttering issues, focus on reading activities. Some children want to avoid some words. However, they can deal with this issue with multiple reading sessions. Conversational and reading activities are highly beneficial to children with stammering problems. 

Other innovative techniques for treating stuttering issues

There are several other ways to ensure an unpressured and smooth speech.

  • Slow down– Caregivers and parents have to model a more deliberate and slower way of speaking. It is a pace-setting process where the children reduce and avoid stuttering problems.
  • Listen intently– You have to pay full attention to your children. Your kids will feel that their words are important. This tactic is effective in treating the stammering problems.
  • Reduce questions– Your children will feel speaking pressure if you bombard them with questions. Share your observations and encourage them to speak in their own way.
  • Comment and expand– You may comment on your children’s speech style and expand on their thoughts. It will allow them to carry on the conversation without being pressured.

How do speech therapists make the therapy sessions more effective?

Learn about some innovative strategies for speech and occupational therapy and let your children overcome stammering problems.

  • Incorporate play into the therapy session– Play is the essence of every individual’s childhood. So, the therapist will integrate play-based activities into every session to improve engagement. Creative arts and storytelling will make the therapeutic sessions more enjoyable. The stress-free environment will help your children maintain fluency.
  • Customize therapy sessions– Recognize the preferences and interests of children to capture their attention. Personalized sessions can keep kids more engaged in the speech therapy process. 
  • Apply interactive techniques– Video feedback and role-playing are some interactive techniques for providing stammering therapy. Sometimes, interactive apps are used to allow the children to actively participate in the therapy. The self-monitoring and self-expression methods will foster a sense of confidence and autonomy in communication abilities. 

Where will I get occupational therapy pediatric near me?

At La Speech Therapy Solutions, you can find certified therapists to have speech therapy. The individualized therapy will provide a personalized solution for your children’s fluency disorders. The therapist will make your kids more confident about their speech. The speech-language pathologist will implement the best technique for stuttering speech therapy. So, contact the clinic in your locality and get the best treatment for your children’s stammering problems.

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