When Can I Resume Normal Activities After Pilonidal Sinus Surgery?

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Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal cyst contains unwanted hair and skin debris and a surgeon usually drains the fluid bringing ultimate relief. Draining the fluid and pus is the common treatment and thus you will get rid of the discomfort.  This condition is painful and you need to find a surgeon who will remove the pouch surgically. Bacteria in hair may cause infection and the cyst becomes filled with pus and fluid. A colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst provides effective treatments to pilonidal cyst infection and it improves your way of life. Pilonidal sinus surgery is one of the effective treatments and a surgeon will remove the entire cyst. Surgery also reduces chances of getting infections in the future.

Finding the Best Doctor for Pilonidal Sinus Infection

Now, you may check online reviews that help you find the top colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst. The surgeon first analyzes the condition of your infection and accordingly provides the treatments that give you confidence to perform well. .You will find the option to book a free consultation and you will learn the importance of pilonidal sinus infection treatments. Surgery can be the ultimate way to get rid of the pain and you will regain your strength and well-being.

Do I need to stay in the hospital?

According to expert doctors there is no need to stay in the hospital and you can resume normal activities sooner. A surgeon will observe your condition for a few hours and you can return home without worries. Doctors recommend taking rest for the day, as there may be drowsy effects due to anesthesia. However, if your pilonidal cyst colorectal surgeon suggests a flap reconstruction surgery then you may need to stay in the hospital for two nights.

Post-Operative Care

Here, you will find the tips that help you easily recover after surgery:

  • Doctors come up with prescriptions featuring painkillers and it helps you get relief from the pain. Ensure the painkillers bring the maximum impacts on your health and thus you can easily recover from post-surgery.
  • Painkillers and other medicines may cause drowsiness and thus  it’s good to avoid driving or other outdoor activities. It helps you avoid unexpected situations and life becomes easier after surgery.
  • Next, surgeons recommend staying away from strenuous activities, as it may strain the area. Your doctor will update you from when you may start normal activities and ensure you are following doctor’s instructions.
  • Sometimes, doctors recommend getting a doughnut cushion that helps you sit comfortably post-surgery. Hence, you may sit for longer periods and also it won’t cause any discomfort in the buttocks area.
  • The specialist will recommend a good diet and thus you can stay away from constipation. You must include fruits, cereals, whole grains etc. and thus you will enjoy a stress-free life. Proper diet also improves your metabolism and it gives you confidence to lead a better life.

Taking proper care helps you recover quickly and your life will become better. You will find it easy to perform your activities and you will learn how the surgery brings the better impacts.

How quickly can you recover post-surgery?

There are no strict restrictions post-surgery and usually you can return to work after 2-3 weeks. Doctors also recommend some exercises that help you return to usual activities. It’s good to consult your healthcare provider to know the types of exercises. And thus you will learn how specialists help you recover easily. Before surgery the surgeon will clean hair and it becomes easy to carry out the surgery. Hence, it eliminates risks and you can now enjoy life free from pain in the buttocks area.

How to take care of the wound?

Here are the tips showing how you may take care of the post-surgery wound:

  • Use lukewarm water to clean the area thoroughly. It eliminates chances of infection post-surgery.
  • Next, take a thin cloth, wrap it in your finger and it helps you clean the area easily. Hence, you can stay away from bacteria or dirt causing further infection.
  • After you clean the area, use a towel to pat dry and thus you can apply a topical ointment that brings relief to the pain.
  • Specialists use medical gauze to pack the wound and ensure the gauze is attached from top to bottom. The gauze must cover the entire inner surface of the wound and thus you will recover quickly after a surgery.

An experienced pilonidal cyst colorectal surgeon will give you correct suggestions and it gives you confidence to restore normal lifestyle..

Foods to Avoid Post-Surgery

Specialists suggest avoiding certain foods after pilonidal sinus surgery:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol may reduce the effects of the pain medications and thus you won’t get the expected results. Also, it may cause dehydration slowing down the healing process.

2. Processed Foods

Usually, processed foods contain low concentration of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals etc. Also, there are high amounts of preservatives, sugar levels, sodium and fat.

3. Sugary Foods

Blood sugar level may become high after surgery and thus doctors recommend staying away from sugary foods. Foods containing refined sugar, syrup etc. increase your glucose level and you may face serious complications.

A surgeon treating colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst near me will give you a better feel knowing that you enjoy life. Colorectal surgeon pilonidal cyst thus  bring the ultimate solution to your pilonidal cyst.

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